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Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Lab Challenge was a unique opportunity for IoT startups to respond and pitch directly to industry challenges set by leading manufacturing partners Siemens and Arrow Electronics. Digital Catapult has created the Future Networks Lab Challenge programme which consists of a two-day innovation sprint which helps to connect businesses with the right startups to benefit not only both parties but also the industry. The idea is to connect the corporate businesses with the knowledge and innovative ideas being developed by advanced digital technology startups.

Ioetec, an IoT cybersecurity startup, were the successful winners of the Siemens Challenge. Based in Sheffield, its team of four focus on IR4.0 and connected health sectors with a vision to provide an easy, cost-effective means of implementing data security as the usage of IoT increases. The team has created a fully scalable communication SaaS platform to provide true end to end data flow path security for IoT when companies more than ever need the knowledge that their data is authenticated and secure. This team have also been alumni of the coveted GCHQ accelerator and LORCA programs.


Mark Davies, CEO of Ioetec said: “Ioetec is proud to be the winner of the Digital Catapult and Siemens Future Networks Lab Challenge. The Siemens challenge was centred on safeguarding data integrity from IoT networks, particularly in critical infrastructure areas such as energy, transportation, public health and utilities. Ioetec can play a major part in solving this problem by use of its Excalibur system which secures and authenticates data generated by sensor devices. By acting as a secure gateway into the MindSphere system, Ioetec can connect a wide variety of third party and legacy devices into existing systems. Ioetec is looking forward to working with Siemens to create a proof of value demonstrator which can potentially be provided to customers as part of an industrial security services offering which delivers value to UK industry.”


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