We believe that all data

should be protected

to sustain the

safe digital world

Connected devices have become a part of our life and changed the way we connect to the world. Ioetec specialises in securing data for IoT devices. Ioetec technology is designed specifically for resource-constrained devices with limited processing power, memory and battery. We aim to ensure that IoT data communication can be trusted.

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Our Services

Innovation for Resource Constrained Devices

Our developed innovation is aimed specifically at devices constrained by processing power, memory, power & communications bandwidth.

It uses standard algorithms of encryption and authentication, however, our solution allows to increase efficiency of device protection. Ioetec innovative way of security addresses the problems of using traditional methods such as TLS and Blockchain in resource constrained devices.

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Ioetec’s Technical Solution

We secure third party sensors so that the data they deliver can be trusted. Our code sits in the sensors and the edge node. 


Firstly it authenticates the devices using a closed system trust zone and then exchanges keys so that data can be encrypted. In the edge node the data can be consolidated and stored, still encrypted. 


This process is then repeated to pass authenticated and encrypted data to the Ioetec cloud. Once the data is in the cloud then standard interfaces can be used to pass the data to Mindsphere with Ioetec being validated as an authorised user.

Deployment & Scale

For the ease of deployment, Ioetec provides downloadable libraries of code for integration into sensors.

An Ioetec gateway into MindSphere provides a complete, secure customer solution to IoT data transfer.

Cloud-based enables easy, quick deployment and can be elastically scaled.

Standards, Regulation & Legislation

Our services are affected by many different areas of legislation. First of all, IoT data must be secured by Design in accordance with GOV.UK requirements, while also considering:


ISO27001 / ISO9001 / ISA 62443

California State Bill 327

CE and CE+